Axl Rose Embarrasses Himself At Bridge School Benefit

Posted by on October 23, 2012


Some Guns N’ Roses songs lend themselves to acoustic versions (“Patience” and “Used to Love Her” come to mind, mainly because they are acoustic). But you haven’t heard “Welcome to the Jungle” done much acoustically, and well, there’s a reason for that. At this past weekend’s 24th annual Bridge School Benefit, Axl and whoever else is in GN’R these days absolutely butchered the song. Granted, it probably wasn’t the band’s sound person, and they were handicapped by the Bridge School’s all-acoustic format, but god, is this awful.¬†Also, given that the event is a benefit for children, many of whom were in attendance, it probably wasn’t a good idea for the band to open with the F-bomb-laden “You’re Crazy,” either. But congrats, GN’R, you’ve now successfully turned a generation of California school children off of your band. And we’re sure Bridge School organizer Neil Young is second-guessing asking the band to perform.

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