Dee Snider, Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes fight, make up on Twitter

Posted by on October 31, 2016

Last week, Noisey ran an interview with Dee Snider. The soon to be former Twisted Sister frontman spoke about his new solo album, but also plenty about Twisted Sister and his past, including when he spoke to the senate against censorship. When asked how far was too far, he brought up Cannibal Corpse, saying he literally threw an album of theirs in the trash:

I have been in radio for 25 years, and I once threw a record into the garbage: Cannibal Corpse‘s first record. I was disgusted, because to me, it wasn’t being artistic in any way. It was being vulgar and disgusting just for shock value. You talk about fucking a nun in the ass with a knife, it was literally—that was one of the songs!

I was reading the lyrics, and you know, I’m an artist, I’m for creativity, for exploration, give me something to say that this is your artistic statement, but when you’re just writing down the most despicable things you could possibly think of for the sake of shock, well, that to me isn’t art.

That didn’t sit well with Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes, who was in Cannibal Corpse at the time. In a since-deleted tweet, he called out Snider for not saying that to his face when they met. Snider immediately realized he probably shouldn’t have trash talked (literally) another musician, and admitted wrongdoing, and it turned into a love-fest of sorts by the end of the Twitter exchange: 


It’s nice to see a beef squashed in real time. Dee Snider’s We Are The Ones is out now.


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