Sebastian Bach Arrested For Marijuana Possession…Again

Posted by on May 12, 2011

Oh Sebastian Bach, when will you learn? It was just around 6 months ago when ex-Skid Row singer was arrested for possession of pot and mischief after he assaulted a bartender in Canada. Luckily this time around, Bach didn’t try to fight anyone.

TMZ reports that Bach was arrested for possessing less than 50 grams of marijuana and possession of the drug paraphernalia in New Jersey. The 43 year old singer was driving on a highway in Monmouth County, NJ at 3:32 AM on Tuesday when he was pulled over for “failing to keep right.” Upon conducting a search in his car, the police officer found weed on Bach. After being hauled to a local jail, Back was released pending on a future court hearing.

It’s still pretty tamed compared to Bach’s previous rock star antics, even compared to the bar incident last November. But considering how recent his last arrest was (and while still in jail for that incident was arrested AGAIN for a previous warrant), you’d think that “Youth Gone Wild” singer would try to be less wild to avoid more bad attention.

We’ll keep you posted when more develops. Though unlike last time, video of Bach’s most recent arrest will probably not leak.


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