How Can It Get Worst For Bach? Oh, There’s Video Of His Arrest

Posted by on November 16, 2010

Love reading stories about hair metal singers getting arrested in bars, but wish there was video to accompany it? Well thanks to TMZ, your wish has come true. The tabloid site has just posted surveillance footage of ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach’s arrest in a Canadian bar early Monday morning. The footage is a bit grainy, and not as easy to see as Bach’s other bottle incident, but it’ll do the job. At this point, I can’t imagine it getting worse for Bach.

Oh wait, it does get worse! The Toronto Sun is reporting that shortly after appearing in a Peterborough, Ontario courtroom, Toronto Police picked him up and charged him on a 2004 warrant for a mischief under $5,000. Congratulations Bach, you were able to get arrested twice within 24 hours. Guess this shows that a little monkey business is enough to get you thrown in jail.

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