The new Deafheaven album cover looks black-er, metal-er

Posted by on July 28, 2015

Deafheaven got so much attention over the cover of their last album, 2013’s Sunbather, that you’d almost think there wasn’t music attached to it. A pink background with the album title written in a cool font, it was a pretty iconic look, but given the fact that it was the opposite color of black and the album was Pitchfork-approved, it got a lot of flack. Not to mention the fact that you could buy a Sunbather blanket, and even the font was available to purchase. They won’t have that problem with their new album, which was announced yesterday. The band’s third album, titled New Bermuda, features an oil painting by Allison Schulnik, and hey, it’s black! The painting is of a face, looking forlornly down, perhaps with corpse paint on. The painting is describes as “dense in brush strokes of darker tones and deep blues.” Art director Nick Steinhardt, who also designed Sunbather‘s artwork (and btw, is also a member of Touche Amore), is credited with art direction and design for New Bermuda as well.

Deafheaven are now a quintet, with vocalist George Clark and guitarist Kerry McCoy joined by Dan Tracy (drums), Stephen Lee Clark (bass) and Shiv Mehra (guitar). Clarke describes the album title as “a new destination in life, a nebulous point of arrival, and an unknown future where things get swallowed up and dragged into darkness.” And hey, it kind of ties in with the last album, since if you’re going to be sunbathing, you might as well do it in Bermuda.

New Bermuda will be released on October 2 on Anti-. It can be preordered here.



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