Slash Performs With Jim Carrey, Officially Slash’s Weirdest Duet

Posted by on April 20, 2010

Slash’s self-titled solo album saw the ex Guns N’ Roses guitarist perform with a variety of singers. But a surprise performance at a California club last week proves that Slash will pretty much perform with anyone (as if we needed further proof than his Grammys cameo).

On April 12, Slash was joined by comedic actor Jim Carrey during an intimate gig at Cozy’s in Sherman Oaks, California. That’s right, Mr. Ace Ventura himself sang at a bar with Slash. I don’t know why or how this came about, and I’m not sure if I care enough to know. Carrey went to his Twitter account to recap the night, saying “Just sang with Slash at Cozy’s in the valley. No idea what I sounded like. Couldn’t hear myself, but the energy was jammazing! I’m spankful!”

It is presently unclear as to what the set list pertained, but the videos posted online show that the Dumb and Dumber star at the very least butchered Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and Ram Jam’s “Black Betty”. You can watch footage from the show below if you really want to. It’s cool to see that the two are obviously having fun, but it will still leave you scratching your head and asking “why?”

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