Did Guns N’ Roses Ban Slash T-Shirts At UK Shows?

Posted by on June 4, 2012

We all know how Guns N’Roses frontman Axl Rose feels about his ubiquitous former guitarist Slash. Ten years ago, the guitarist was banned from attending a Guns N’ Roses show in Las Vegas. Of course that was nearly a decade ago, and Axl has probably mellowed a little bit, right? Apparently not. According to NME, 18 year-old James Revell was told to remove his shirt before entering GN’R’s London gig because no one was allowed to enter wearing any Slash shirts.

Allegedly, when told to take his Slash shirt off, Revell was told by a member of the O2 Arena’s team, “We were told be the management not to allow anyone into the O2 Arena who is wearing a Slash t-shirt and we are asking anyone who is to remove it and if they refuse they will be turned away.” A small part of me wants to take this at face value, since UK press tends to exaggerate things a bit. However, if this really happened, it goes to show that after all these years, Axl Rose is still batshit crazy. Adding insult to injury, as per usual, GN’R took the stage over an hour late, and Revell only got to catch three songs before having to catch a train back home. He told the NME that he thinks Rose “needs to grow up and stop acting like a child.” Not bad, coming from an 18 year-old.

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