Throughout the 2011 Major League Baseball season, ESPN has been holding a theme song competition for their show Baseball Tonight. Each week, two artists or bands compete with their recorded version of the show’s theme song. Whoever wins a poll voted on by fans moves onto the next week to face another challenger  on the schedule and so on until the final week when one cover is crowned the best.

This week, none other than Zakk Wylde is competing against hip-hop performer J. Cole (who has won the past four weeks). Do we really need to explain why the Black Label Society/former Ozzy shredder needs to win?! Not only would it be awesome to hear Wylde shred on ESPN, but…come on, J. Cole? Plus, his cover of the MLB theme is pretty awesome (definitely better than his collaboration with William Shatner, at least).

Right now, Cole is winning by a big spread, but the poll is open until September 29. So head over to right now and vote for Zakk Wylde’s cover. In case you need more convincing though, you can hear audio of Wylde’s cover down below.

ESPN’s MLB theme by Zakk Wylde by schleppy

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