There are now two different bands called Downset.

Posted by on April 3, 2014


In a situation similar to Queensrÿche, there are now two different bands called Downset. The original confusion began when the lineup for This Is Hardcore Fest was posted with Downset. listed among the bands….except there is also a band called Downset. scheduled to tour Europe in the summer. Eventually, it the confusion was (mostly) settled with one band being the “classic” lineup, and the other being, uh, just a lineup we guess.

The “classic” Downset. is the one that will be playing the festival and is also at work on a new album. It consists of the following members:

Vocals – Rey Opropeza
Guitars – Ares Schwager
Bass – James Morris
Drums – Chris Hamilton

This version of the lineup actually tweeted about the confusion:

“Downset is playing TiHC .
The lineup is original singer Rey and Ares with Chris Hamilton on drums.
Accept no substitutes.”

Apparently, Europe is partial to accepting substitutes since that’s where the other version of Downset. is headed. Their lineup consists of the following members:

Vocals – Neil Roemer
Guitars – Rogelio Lozano
Bass – J.D. Manhart
Drums – Chris Lee

Still confused? If you really do care about the band(s) you’ll figure it out eventually, but suffice it to say that if you’re in Philadelphia or Germany at some point in July, you’re bound to see at least one version of Downset.




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