Queensrÿche Singer Points Out Difference Between Queensrÿche And Queensrÿche

Posted by on June 17, 2013

With their new, self-titled album coming out next week (25), Queensrÿche (the Todd La Torre version) will inevitably have people comparing their new album to the other Queensrÿche album that came out this year, Frequency Unknown, which was vocalist Geoff Tate’s version of the band. In a recent interview with Ria Fend of  London Rocks, La Torre differentiated between Tate’s version of the band and his, which features original members Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson.

To be honest, it’s not something that we really pay much attention to. I mean, obviously, it’s everywhere on the Internet, so you can’t avoid it. There’s a trial in November that will determine the (Queensrÿche) name — who gets that — and I feel very confident, everyone on our side feels very confident that Michael (Wilton) and Scott(Rockenfield) and Eddie (Jackson) will be awarded the name. And obviously, it’ll boil down to whatever kind of corporate contracts are established and put in place and that kind of a thing. I’m sure there will have to be some type of financial compensation for whichever side gets it. But these guys were the majority, they were the songwriters… and I guess I will quote Scott Rockenfield from a previous interview where he says for any one person to call themselves the band name is ridiculous. I know that on (Geoff’s) record, he had him and two other writers that aren’t even in the band. And those guys that play on that record are not the guys that you see on the stage. So it’s a group of great musicians that he has joining him, but that’s not Queensrÿche.”

    When speaking about the band’s new album, La Torre went on to say that:

Also, while the album isn’t coming out until next week, La Torre is already apologizing for the lack of heaviness on it. He stated that he’d like the next album to be heavier. “I remember saying to the guys, on the next record, I would like there to be songs that are even heavier than whatever we did on this record,” he says. “I really wanna be able to push the threshold as far as I can with the heavier side.” 

While you’ve already had a taste of the new album, check out “Fallout” here.

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