Last year, the Riot Fest did what many thought couldn’t be done and reunited the Misfits with Glenn Danzig. Those were the only two shows the band played, and given the place where they seemed most likely to reunite was a courtroom, we figured it would never happen. With that under their belt, you’d think they could get just about anyone to reunite, even if only for one or two shows. So why not the Dead Kennedys? Jello Biafra, that’s why.

Consequence of Sound found a message on founding member East Bay Ray’s Facebook page, stating that while the rest of the original members were on board to play Chicago’s Riot Fest, Biafra turned the offer down. It’s not totally surprising, given that the band have been at odds with each other since breaking up in the ’80s. The band sued Biafra over royalties and a judge ruled in their favor, forcing him to pay 200,000 in royalties and damages and turn over the rights to most of the band’s catalogue. It’s a bummer that the band won’t be reuniting at Riot Fest, but then that’s one less sex act that’ll happen onstage, perhaps.