Oceano Confirm That They’re Not Calling It Quits After All

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Previously, Oceano’s performance at this year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Fest was being billed as their last before disbanding. However, it turns out that the Chicago deathcore group have had a change of heart, since they’ve confirmed this past weekend that they’re staying together after all.

Rumors about Oceano’s change of heart started to make its way around the web last week, but the band confirmed the news via the following statement released yesterday:

“Kinda funny how right around Easter we decide to pull a Jesus and flip the script on what everyone was thinking right? With rumors running around, and haters trolling in their own discontent, it IS true Oceano will be staying alive and kicking for the rest of 2012 and far beyond.

After essentially removing ourselves entirely from touring and the music aspect of our lives for almost 8 months, we all got to spend time with our families and friends and rediscover ‘normal’ life. We rarely experienced this being a part of Oceano. So it felt amazing. But also, within all the valuable time home the itch slowly started to come back. Our ‘final shows’ at the Jamboree and New England Hardcore/Metal Fest began to come closer, yet it just didn’t feel like anywhere near the proper way to end this band.

We all respect and appreciate how far Oceano has come amidst all the bullshit and sidetracking. Prevailing from the entire struggle made it all worth it. We also love and cherish the things we sacrifice to be on the road and perform for all those people who have supported us through it all. So why can’t we have both? We each took the time to discover the best approach and game plan to have ample time for the things we hold most important at home (family, jobs, etc.) while still being able to do what we love and making a living off of it.

We’re beyond stoked to get back to work and infect every listener with our brand of Windy City Death, but this WON’T be the Oceano you knew from last year, or even before that. The stakes are higher, shits gonna get heavier, and we’re coming to entice destruction and bloodshed in every city. See you soon.”

Longtime manager Derek Brewer added the following about Oceano staying together:

“I wasn’t going to let something this good go…I am very proud of this band and their accomplishments all the way from the time I first starting working with them when they were playing in front of 30 kids every night at all ages community center shows to selling out well-respected clubs across the US on their last headline tour. So when the band reached out to me to figure out a way to get things back in action, I was more than eager to do what I could to make it happen.”

While Oceano will continue on after all, it’s unclear if they will do so with their current lineup intact. Let’s remember that it was vocalist Adam Warren’s comments that added fuel to gossip surrounding Oceano’s original plans to disband. With that said though, the band’s statement seems imply that each member change their minds about breaking up.

Update: Drummer Danny Terchin confirmed via Twitter that Oceano will continue on with the same lineup.

So far, Oceano only have three appearances confirmed in the foreseeable future. You can find out more about their upcoming shows after the jump.

4/15 – the Jamboree at Headliners – Toledo, OH

4/20 – The New England Metal & HardcoreFest – Palladium – Worcester, MA

4/5 – The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

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