Coal-Chamber-Coal-Chamber-Del-1997-In01Coal Chamber, the pre-Devildriver nu-metal band fronted by Dez Fafara, surprised everyone a few years back by reuniting and touring. And while it was viewed as somewhat of a one-off that might have ended after their tour with Sevendust earlier this year, that seems to not be the case. They announced yesterday on their web site that bassist Nadja Peulen has returned to the fold. Here’s what the statement said:

Sometimes change is good. Especially when that change reunites a person with someone from the past who they love and had missed. Thatls right folks, Nadja is back. We are thrilled to let you all know that Nadja Peulen had officially returned to the coal chamber family on bass. Everyone …

Nadja confirmed the news via her Instagram account:

Beyond happy and excited today to announce my return on bass with COAL CHAMBER. I’ve missed my brothers and can’t wait to rock the stage with them again and see all of you!

Peulen was in the band from 1999 until their disbandment in 2003. She replaced original bassist Rayna Foss, who had a child with Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and left the band.

[via theprp]