Twitter Users More Likely To Buy Music Than The Rest Of You Dummies

Posted by on June 25, 2009

twitter-logoWant some random statistics about the interwebs that are probably too out of context to mean anything? Cool: research from the NPD Group says active Twitter users buy 77% more digital music downloads on average than non-users.

The study says 34% of all Twitter users have bought digital music in the last three months, compared to 16% for all web users. 33% of Twitter users also reported buying a CD in that timeframe, compared to 23% of the general web population. Thanks to hypebot for pulling out these other interesting nuggets:

– 33% listened to music on a social networking site
– 1% listened to online radio compared to 22% among all web users
– 39% watched a music video online (vs 25%)
– 2X more likely to visit MySpace Music and Pandora.

While numbers don’t lie (ok, they sort of do, but this is no time to debate survey method), you have to wonder what exactly this is all supposed to mean. While bands and music marketers have caught up with Twitter and are learning how to use it, there’s nothing really music-oriented about Twitter at all. They don’t do big front-page promotions like MySpace and there’s no music streaming feature. Maybe the short attention span vibe of the Twitter community also means its users are more likely to do impulse shopping on iTunes?

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