Municipal Waste Twitter For Cash Contest Abruptly Shut Down

Posted by on July 6, 2009

twittermwI called this one. Municipal Waste’s “Wrong Answer” Twitter page, which was being used as a trivia game with cash prizes in promotion of its upcoming album, has been suspended and is currently under investigation by the social networking site.

We checked in with MW label Earache, who told us they are not yet sure why the account was suspended, and are working with Twitter to get the contest back up. They were even nice enough to share a screen grab of the incredibly vague suspension notice. Earache PR man Anthony Guzzardo believes the cash prizing isn’t a violation of Twitter’s terms of service, but rather their account was mistakenly identified as spam after its rapid growth.

He promises the page was run completely on the up and up, and they hope to have it running again ASAP. We’ll let you know as soon as it is, so that you can go back to procrastinating work in the name of trying to get a couple hundred bucks from a metal band.

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