Municipal Waste Create Bizarre Twitter Cash Prize Contest

Posted by on June 26, 2009

mwtwitterHere’s a new promotional idea: Municipal Waste have started a Twitter page in anticipation of their upcoming album, Massive Aggressive, where they are giving a $500 cash prize to the winner of a summer-long trivia game.

The punny tie-in is with the album’s lead track, “Wrong Answer”, which the page is also using as a catch phrase to tweet back at people (really, that’s just rude!). Oh, and they aren’t asking MW or even metal related questions – just stuff like “Where was the first McDonald’s located?” and “On what late night talk show did Farah Fawcett make an notoriously oddball appearance in 1997?”. What do you think? Odd? Clever? Stupid? Definitely going to be mistaken for spam?

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