Zeal & Ardor will give a ‘Stranger Fruit’ this summer

Posted by on March 29, 2018

Earlier this month, we had a hunch that Zeal & Ardor were up to something. Back then, we assumed the cryptic video suggested a new album is on its way. As of today (29th), our assumptions were correct. Their forthcoming record Stranger Fruit is scheduled to arrive on June 8th. These avant garde experimentalists led by Gagneux, released the first taste as well, in a brand new video for “Gravedigger’s Chant.” You can stream or download the track here.

Gagneux describes the song as:

“The gravedigger’s chant is the song sung by the people who lay your body to rest. These people don’t care where you were, but they know what you did and who loved you. All they know is what lies before them. So they sing this song, since you can no longer breathe a note.

Our intent is both to familiarize as well as alienate. The video of ‘Gravedigger’s Chant’ subverts roles: People find themselves in situations untypical for their ilk, tools become weapons, weapons turn into tools, and fingers meant for sensing make themselves felt.”

Check out the video below:



1) “Intro”

2) “Gravedigger’s Chant”

3) “Servants”

4) “Don’t You Dare”

5) “Fire Of Motion”

6) “The Hermit”

7) “Row Row”

8) “Ship On Fire”

9) “Waste”

10) “You Ain’t Coming Back”

11) “The Fool”

12) “We Can’t Be Found”

13) “Stranger Fruit”

14) “Solve”

15) “Coagula”

16) “Built On Ashes”



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