You won’t stop believin’ a Journey cassette was mistaken for a bomb

Posted by on October 31, 2018

Cassette tapes are a blast from the past, or perhaps they are on the road to becoming a suspicious, BLAST. While there’s countless of horrific bomb threats all over the globe, it seems there’s been some confusion after looking at this piece of vintage technology. According to local news station CBS 17, a bomb squad in Charlotte, NC evacuated the entire Duke Energy Building after receiving a “suspicious package” in the mail room.

The call came in before 6:15 AM from concerned employees as they described this package as being a small manila envelope handwritten and addressed from out of state to Duke Energy. When officials were notified of this wary envelope, the police had to clear the area by shutting down roads and finally the bomb squad arrived to investigate the uncertainty.

This fearful delivery turned out to be nothing but a Journey cassette tape. Unfortunately, officials have not detected which Journey album it was but, we can only guess it was their greatest hits since it’s currently available on Amazon.

Watch the full report below:

[via Consequence of Sound]


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