You Fail: Watch a Converge fan’s failed selfie onstage attempt

Posted by on January 26, 2018

Many artists have made it evident that they want fans to enjoy the moment instead of being glued to their phones at a show. Apparently, not everyone gets the message, and their hopes and dreams on being a popular rock star on social media takes precedence over reality.

With that said, one fan has recently taken the use of cell phones to the extreme. During Converge’s show in Berkeley, CA this past Tuesday (23rd), a dude somehow found his way to walk on stage to take a selfie with frontman Jacob Bannon. Once he realized his attempt was an embarrassing failure, he decided to play it cool by making a crowd-surfing exit. However, that wasn’t the end of his humiliation since no one seemed to care about catching him after he jumped off the stage. Ouch!

It’s safe to say, unless you’re invited on stage with the band, don’t try to attempt something as dumb as this.


Unforgivable. @converge

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