Wow, this AC/DC video is not very good

Posted by on November 11, 2014


AC/DC has never put out a greatest hits album, but if they were to make a compilation video of their entire career, it would look a lot like “Play Ball.” It’s got everything you could expect from an AC/DC video: Angus Young doing his schoolboy/Chuck Berry thing, old black and white footage, and lots and lots of busty girls getting dirty and not wearing much. And to tie in with the sports theme, the girls are playing sports. And there’s lots of balls in it – billiard balls, footballs, soccer balls, you get the point. Calling out AC/DC for making a sexist video would be like calling out KISS for merchandising too much – it’s what they’re known for and they’re not going to stop. But if this video (and song, for that matter!) came out in 1987, no one would be any the wiser. It’s like watching a Benny Hill episode, but with even less subtlety. It also looks like it was created using 1980’s technology, with cable access-era graphics.

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