Los Angeles-based dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall have unveiled a video for their latest single, “When It All Falls Away.” The track is taken from their forthcoming album, Sounds Of The Forgotten, set to release on May 31st via the band’s own label, DeathWave Records. The emotionally charged track comes with a poignant music video narrating a tragic love tale. This release continues to solidify the anticipation for the group’s upcoming album, following their previously released songs “Insidious,” “Ceremony Of Fire,” “Where Do I Begin,” and “What Have You Done?.” 


The group comments:

“When It All Falls Away is reflective of our deep love of 70s Rock bands. Back when the lines between Rock/Prog/R&B were a bit blurry. The song is a dreamy meditation on the subject of loss. Whether it be relationships or life itself the song is about the emptiness that settles in when things are at an end. The title is also a nod to the band name “WITHERFALL” which is meant to be quite literal. The song features many vintage elements such as a 12 string acoustic, Hammond Organ, Roland Chorus amps, Leslie Speakers and other various toys we had at our disposal while recording at Big Blue North.”


Watch the clip below: