03) Witherfall – “Insidious” 



Witherfall have returned, breaking ties with conventional labels and embracing the mysterious Deathwave Records for their upcoming album, the title of which remains shrouded in secrecy. Despite the enigma, pre-orders are currently open for the forthcoming record. Significantly evolving since 2021’s Curse of Autumn, the band not only welcomed keyboardist Gerry Hirschfeld, drummer Marco Minnemann (recording only), and drummer/percussionist Chris Tsaganeas but also delved into the profound depths of dark melodic metal with their latest single, “Insidious.” Vocalist Joseph Michael once again flaunts his flawless vocal range, adopting a more sinister approach reminiscent of Insomnium to Morbid Angel, showcasing his versatility. The classic delivery echoes his role in Sanctuary, taking on vocal duties following the passing of Warrel Dane. 

“Insidious,” not only emphasizes Michael’s vocal mastery but also features key moments highlighting Jake Dreyer’s brilliant riffing madness in this seven-minute dark narrative following one’s descent into madness. The video, produced by Bradley Cooper and Cig Neutron, expands on this maddening concept by portraying the present-day cultural divide. One might question why it’s a Halloween favorite; the answer lies in Witherfall’s history, suggesting a resurgence of their love for horror, seen in their 2017 debut, Nocturnes and Requiems, may appear in their upcoming fourth masterpiece. The video pays homage to classic horror films like Puppet Master (1989), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), and notably, John Carpenter’s masterpiece, They Live (1988). While the track and video present powerful, horrifying reminders of contemporary issues, they masterfully weave them into a fantastic metaphorical horror show. Witherfall remains committed to self-reinvention, exploring new and more substantial levels, unafraid to experiment with their style. Some scenes may prompt viewers to order the Tempest Red Blend wine, which seems to be back in stock from the Charlie & Echo Winery. Dive into the clip and accompany it with a glass of Witherfall wine.


Withferfall commented on the single:

“After a crazy writing and recording spree that had us crisscrossing the USA and working in five different states. We present to you perhaps the most involved WITHERFALL production to date. ‘Insidious’ first single from our 4th full length album. The song was birthed at four in the morning under a foggy full moon in a stream of consciousness with the central theme and musical landscape written/improvised in a single take. The contrasting consonance and dissonance in the composition takes listeners on a decent into madness. The song was recorded with all analog instruments and was Co-Produced by Zeuss. The video produced by both Bradley Cooper and Cig Neutron represents the pervasive malaise and general sense of division in our current culture. We wish we could say no puppets were harmed during the making of this video…”