What the hell is the “Cockroach Mosh?”

Posted by on February 27, 2017

Between the weirdness of Japanese bands like Boris and Babymetal and the instrumental overload of Mono, the country has it’s own very fertile metal scene. And while some of it’s bands and trends have made their way over to here, we’re willing to bet that this one won’t. While we’re not sure that Japanese band Viscera Infest have invented this, video has surfaced of the grindcore band playing a song called “PARACOCCIDIOIDOMICOSISPROCTITISSARCOMUCOSIS,” a song which they claim has a 340bpm blast beat. During the song, their fans do what’s called a “cockroach mosh.” Essentially, once the song kicks in, their fans get down on the floor on their backs and wiggle their arms and legs like a roach does. This video, shot in 2015 in Osaka, is just making the rounds around these parts thanks to Gear Gods. Will this be a trend that makes it’s way over here? Don’t bet on it, but dumber things have happened. 

Here’s video of the band’s whole set. The roach thing doesn’t happen until then end.

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