We ‘Promise’ this Ken Mode video is disturbingly great

Posted by on July 29, 2014


Is the music video a lost art form? That’s actually a topic of discussion for another time, but how many bands playing in a warehouse can there be? That’s why we’re psyched about the latest video from KEN Mode. “The Promise of God” isn’t the first video from the band’s Entrench album (it’s actually the fourth), but it starts out looking like the first video ever. Starting out like a silent film from the ’20s, with captions and piano music, the black and white video features magic tricks, corpse paint, high stakes card games, the band playing in the woods and a pretty creepy coda. thanks to Factor funding, Canada actually subsidizes some bands to do things like make videos, which is partially why this video is possible. Another part is  likely the business acumen of the band.


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