Asking Alexandria are first and foremost a metalcore band, but they’ve definitely thrown some ’80s worship in their music, covering Skid Row for their Life Gone Wild EP. Danny Worsnop has gotten a chance to embrace it even more with his side project, We Are Harlot, which actually includes former Sebastian Bach guitarist Jeff George. The band’s debut single, “Denial,” was released last year, but with the album coming out on March 31st on Roadrunner, there’s another song out, “Dancing on Nails,” that was released today.

There’s little to no metalcore to be found on “Dancing on Nails.” The song finds the band embracing their inner Guns N’ Roses. It’s catchy hard rock that will fit in right alongside the bands they’ll be playing alongside this Summer at rock festivals including Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, and Fort Rock. If you like what you hear, you can preorder their forthcoming Roadrunner Records debut here.