The Lords of Chaos film had mixed reviews since we heard there was going to be a movie about the already-controversial book. The film is about the early days of the Norwegian black metal scene as Mayhem bassist Necrobutcher has previously stated he wanted to do everything he could to stop the film from being made. While the movie will have a theatrical release in the United States on February 8th, film critics have already expressed positive feedback. However, what about the band, Mayhem, as the film mainly circles around their controversial past? Varg Vikernes decided to watch the film, which he is portrayed by Emory Cohen. Varg made a video commentary to express his opinion as he stated: “the whole film is just made up.”

Varg commented (transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“So, you just watched the ‘Lords of Chaos,’ the film where they have a fat Jewish actor play the role of me. I’m Scandinavian, by the way…

So, the fat Jewish actor said things in that film that I never said in real life; received things that I in reality never received. He did things that I never did. He did things for reasons that I never had; knew people that I, in reality, have never even heard about.

And, well, by and large, the whole film is just made up.

If they actually did some research into this story and the Black Metal scene, they must have just ignored everything they found and made up a story instead. Because everything in this film is just plain wrong.”

He added:

“As you probably know, the whole film is just a character murder and they completely ignore the facts. But if you want to know something about the facts in this context, I suggest you check out my playlists, especially the Burzum one, but the others too, if you have time for it.

Yes, the facts, that you can verify easily, by talking to the people who were actually there. Or by reading my conviction from 1993, freely available to the public in the Oslo courthouse.

When you at one point realize that this film is just a lot of made-up crap, I suggest you contemplate around the concept a little bit and understand that I am not the only one in history who has been exposed to their character murder.

Character murder is a common weapon used by people who don’t like Europeans.”

Watch his full commentary below: