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Posted by on November 15, 2018


As Threatin pointed out, it’s quite simple to generate a following as well as build nonexistent companies and bands. With sites such as SocialBoss, you can add as many followers, likes, comments on nearly every social media platform. For only $29.99, you can purchase 1000 YouTube likes and for only $199.99, you can become well known by having 50,000 Facebook likes. Basically, if you have the money, you can construct as many imaginary followers your heart has ever dreamed about. It’s becoming more difficult these days to pinpoint what someone’s actual fanbase is versus a purchased fanbase. Whether you are growing a company, wanting to gain a following or craving attention; the desire to have those numbers increase is expanding and people are getting desperate.

Speaking of desperation, there are countless click farms that will instantly help boost just about anyone’s YouTube views, Spotify streams, and more.





Unfortunately, these farms have been around for a while as Cracked once reported its hellish reality as a few of these fraudulent locations have already been busted.

Creating a fanbase based on purchasing likes, views, as well as sharing content that doesn’t belong to you – I.E. plagiarism, stealing someone else’s photo, song, riff etc.. and claiming it as your own, is something that should be stopped. It is always best to use the time to create something epic than formulating an expensive “get famous fast” scheme.

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