Watch Royal Thunder perform an acoustic set in an office space for NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

Posted by on May 31, 2017

Royal Thunder performed a special acoustic set during a visit to NPR Studios being part of their Tiny Desk concert series. We interviewed these bluesy rockers a few months ago and Mlny Parsonz told us how challenging it is to turn their music into a stripped-down acoustic performance:

“But it is really challenging and it kinda strips you down and you either pull it off or not. It’s kinda nice to strip everything away and have “oh shit” moments.

She continued: “It’s really hard for us to do and it’s really uncomfortable, but all in a good way. It’s just figuring it out and we learn so much every time we do it. It would be awesome to do it more just to feel more conformable with it because we’re pretty comfortable playing, so when we get those moments when we’re not it’s like ‘oh shit.’”

The video below shows them playing songs from their new album Wick acoustically in a small office space and well, it doesn’t get any more uncomfortable than that, and they killed it.

Check out the video below:



“April Showers”


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