Watch Metallica, KoRn, Mastodon, Billy Corgan, Duff McKagan etc. perform Alice In Chains covers at MoPOP Ceremony

Posted by on December 2, 2020


Last night (1st), Metallica, KoRn, Mastodon, Billy Corgan, Duff McKagan, Dave Novarro, and more participated in a virtual tribute event for Alice In Chains. The group was presented with this year’s Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) Founders Award as artists honored the band by covering classic songs from their extensive catalog. 


Song List:

8:18: Alice In Chains – “Your Decision”

14:09: Ann Wilson – “Rooster”

27:07: Dave Navarro, Taylor Hawkinss, Corey Taylor, Chris Chanley – “Man In The Box”

34:08: Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings – “Down In A Hole”

43:04: KoRn -”Would?”

47:15: Nancy Wilson, Mark Lanegan, Liv Warfield -”Brother”

53:40: Fishbone – “Them Bones”

1:01:07: David’s Van – ”Dam That River”

1:02:01: The Human Missile Crisis – ”Swing On This”

1:02:52: Katyrose – “Your Decision”

1:04:44: Talaya – “All I Am”

1:07:09: Dallas Green – “Rain When I Die”

1:12:45: Liv Warfiield – “Put You Down”

1:19:56: Mastodon – “Again”

1:26:41: Kim Thayil, Shaina shepherd, Bubba Dupree, Bill Herzog, Nathan Yaccino – “It Ain’t Like That”

1:32:37: Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil, Jillian Raye, Jennifer Johnson, Jeff Fielder, Ben Smith – “Drone”

1:43:20: Lily Cornell Silver, Chris Degarmo – “Black Gives Way To Blue”

1:47:36: Mark Lanegan, Maggie Bjorklund, Jeff FFielder, Ben Smith, Ryan Water – ”Nutshell”

1:52:00: Ayron Jones, Jeff Fielder, Ben Smith, Andy Stoller, Ryan Waters – “Heaven Beside You”

1:58:52: Members of Soundgarden, + Tad Doyle, Mike McCready, Megan Grandall – “Angry Chair”

2:04:10: Billy Corgan – “Check My Brain”

2:07:47: Metallica – “Would?”

2:15:23: Alice In Chains – “No Excuses”

2:23:47: Eric & ERIC & Encarnación – “Black Gives Way To Blue”




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