Watch Job For A Cowboy debut ‘Sun Eater’ material live

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Job-for-a-Cowboy-2016A year and a half ago, Job For a Cowboy released their finest album, Sun Eater. It found the band branching out musically, and it was miles away from their deathcore beginnings. Then, they didn’t do anything. In fact, it had been 2013 since the last time they’d toured. They had a bit of an excuse, in that their van caught on fire. But the band have neglected to do much of anything – until now. Fans of the band got really excited earlier this year when they announced that they’d be playing Vancouver’s Modified Ghost Festival in April. Would that lead to a tour? Well, no, at least not yet. But it did lead to three of Sun Eater’s nine tracks being played live for the first time ever. According to setlist.fm,  “Eating the Visions of God,” “Sun of Nihility” and “The Stone Cross” were debuted. And while Intronaut’s Danny Walker played on the album, they brought back former drummer Jon “Charn” Rice” for this show. While the whole set isn’t online, here’s “Sun of Nihility.” Hopefully this show helps convince frontman Jonny Davy to go on a proper tour, but if not, at least we’ve got this as a reminder of how good the band have gotten.


[via Metal Sucks]

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