Watch GWAR destroy American Authors’ lead singer at San Diego show

Posted by on August 7, 2017

This year’s Warped Tour run could be one of the best in years. Not only does it include more than a handful of metal acts, we have also noticed a handful of surprises throughout the trek. It wasn’t too long ago when a security guard rocked out during the Acacia Strain’s set. It’d also be hard to forget the time when a baby joined in a mosh pit, even if he or she won’t remember it. The tour also gave Alestorm a chance to protest at the Kansas City stop.

However, during this past weekend, things got a bit bloody. During Saturday’s (5) San Diego stop, GWAR crashed American Authors set. This isn’t the first time a member of GWAR was seen killing a band member, and this time around, you see the band ganging up around lead singer Zac Barnett to take him out and leaving him in a pool of blood and gore. Credit has to be given to American Authors for not taking themselves as seriously as their music.

American Authors shared a video clip of the murderous activity with a quote:  “It’s all fun and games until GWAR murders your lead singer.”

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