Photo by Erik Hansen


Swedish death metal outfit Vomitory have announced their first album in twelve years, All Heads Are Gonna Roll, out May 26th via Metal Blade Records. Known for their classic death metal sound, the group disbanded in 2013 but reunited in 2019 to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The album features self-produced tracks recorded in the band’s rehearsal space with the help of engineer Mats Lindström, while the vocals were recorded at Leon Music Studios. Giannis Nakos created the album cover art, and a video for the title track is available now. 


Drummer Tobias Gustafsson comments:

“We weren’t feeling any pressure, it was rather about making a decision whether we should continue as a band, i.e. release new material, or simply put the band back in the grave again. We wrote a few songs first just for the fun of it, to see if we still ‘had it’, before we made the final decision to continue and make a new full-length album.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


Track List:

01) All Heads Are Gonna Roll

02) Decrowned

03) Ode to the Meat Saw

04) The Deepest Tomb

05) Piece by Stinking Piece

06) Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead

07) Dead Man Stalking

08) Disciples of the Damned

09) Dead World

10) Beg for Death