Video: The Hell are cooking with ‘Bangers and Mosh’

Posted by on June 24, 2014


Anonymous UK punk band The Hell have an album coming out on Prosthetic in July. Until then, you might want to watch their cooking show. The video for the  first single from their Prosthetic debut, Groovehammer, finds the band hosting a cooking show. Do they serve bangers (aka sausages)? Of course they do. Is there moshing in the video? Well, kind of. It starts out with the band serving a trio of participants some tasty treats (note to The Hell: you’re probably not supposed to make food with hammers) and giving them a look at their wardrobe (lots of bandannas and The Hell shirts). Spoiler alert: they don’t enjoy the food that much. They’re then led into a room where they’re granted an up close and personal performance by the band. In short, it’s a pretty great video and we can see why they were signed to Prosthetic. Aside from the kidnapping, that is.

Groovehammer will be released on July 9th on Prosthetic. You can preorder it here.


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