UK band The Hell kidnap Prosthetic Records owner to announce signing

Posted by on April 16, 2014


Owning a record label must be torture. If you’re Prosthetic Records’ owner E. J. Johantgen, it literally is. In announcing the signing of UK punk band The Hell, Johantgen is allegedly being held at ransom by the band, announcing that he’s signed them for “a ridiculous amount of money.” We like the cut of the band’s jib, especially since they have songs called “It’s the Motherfucking Hell (You Dick)” and “Shit Just Got Real.” They even have a 15 second track called “Hanneman.” The band play with bandannas obscuring their faces, because why not? The band’s Prosthetic debut will be out in July. If you want to check out their first album, You’re Listening to THE HELL, it’s streaming on their Bandcamp page.

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