Vancouver-based extreme metal outfit Thirteen Goats have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for their new single, “Murder Lives in the Heart.” The track is taken from the group’s upcoming concept album and rock opera, Capricorn Rising, out July 12th via Exitus Stratagem Records.

The forthcoming record showcases the group’s unique sound, combining infernal riffs with theatrical songwriting. Guest vocals by Carly Ellen Jones add an extra layer to two tracks, including “Murder Lives in the Heart.”

In addition to their new release, Thirteen Goats will embark on their first major Western Canadian tour, co-headlining the Planet of the Goats Tour with Edmonton’s Fall of Earth

Vocalist/guitarist Graham K. Miles comments on the new single:

“The song is about the nature of vengeance. Vengeance feels good when you’ve been wronged. But just because something feels good, that doesn’t make it right. I wrote the song after getting my heart broken, to remind myself that the pain would make me a monster if I let it. In the story we’re telling on the record, our main character Shepherd experiences that when he loses his faith in humanity and sells his soul to become the Antichrist. The video explores the same theme from a different perspective. It’s about three women who murder the members of the band one by one and reanimate them into zombies. Their reasons are never shown, but we get a strong sense that they feel justified in what they’re doing. Whether it’s right or wrong is left up to the audience. We’re not here to tell you when revenge is okay or not—but we want to show that it always has a spiritual cost.”

Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here: