It’s Monday afternoon, but why not flash back to a few hours ago? “Monday Morning’ is the lead single from New Zealand quartet The Jury and the Saints’ self-titled sophomore album. The band describes themselves as “monster rock from Aoteroa,” and their sound is really more melodic hard rock than the “tenacious punk” that their bio describes them as. Regardless, since the release of their debut album, 2010’s Daydreams, the band have grown from a two piece to a four piece, and toured with the likes of P.O.D. and Paramore. Their 2011 EP, Revival, landed at #4 in the New Zealand top 40, so here’s an opportunity to get caught up on one of New Zealand’s biggest emerging bands before they’re a household name stateside.

The Jury and the Saints will be released on SPV tomorrow (3) in North America, and is already available in the rest of the world.