Sludgehammer are getting ready for the arrival of their sophomore full-length effort, Antechamber, which will be released on April 12th. The follow-up to 2016’s The Fallen Sun shows a more matured direction from the Toronto metallers.

The group described the process:

“The whole process has been trial by fire. We bring what we have to the table and if it fits our signature blend then we roll with it. Over the years from our first release until now, our sound has matured quite well and it’s all thanks to the support and input from our fans and friends that have kept us going down the right path thus far. We can only hope to keep pleasing who we do with our albums while bringing in a new level of fan base due to our more well rounded and heavy-yet-easy listening style.”

Today (29th), the band has premiered the music video for “Climatic Death.” The heavy track has a few twists in terms of style as you hear both melodic and groove elements. Think: Cannibal Corpse meets Pantera. While the track has an uplifting musical delivery, the overall theme has a darker meaning.

The band explained:

“From its groove laden intro to its blasterrific chorus, this is a crushing track from start to finish. We find it skillfully combines heavy guitar riffs, killer vocals and intense drumming while showcasing an ear for melody and song structure. While the lyrical content is rather dark (think apocalyptic global warming kind of dark), the song itself is a rocking good time, as you will see in the video. We really enjoyed writing this track and giving it a ripping performance to rock out to.”

Check out the video for “Climatic Death” below and pre-order Antechamber here: