Austrian funk prog metal band Hog Meets Frog released their third EP, humANIMALization, in February. The EP is a non-conceptual concept that aims to be witty, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Today (26th) the band has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a Claymation video for the track “Of Snakes’ n’ Moles ‘n’ Bulls ‘n’ Dough.”


Frontman Peter’ PETZ’ Schwabl comments:

“When the animal in the human awakens, then, for example, one turns into a bigot monkey and the other becomes an insecure piggy, one becomes a peeping control bear and the other becomes a greedy stock market bull. Just this behavior – sometimes silly, monkey or also clumsy, bearish – is told in the lyrics, as well as through the wide range of sound worlds and riffs.

The text tells of a friendship between a snake and a mole and a greedy bull who is addicted to the madness of money-making and wants to break up the friends to get more money himself. In the end, of course, friendship wins. Musically, this song starts with a stonerous riff and then slides into a dry narrative stomping, and then further into a spherical reverberant sound of delirium.” 


Watch the clip below: