You may have heard of guitarist Gus Sinaro via his band, Symphony of Malice. The guitarist, who”s sponsored by ESP, is releasing a solo album, though, and today, we’re bringing you the premiere of the anti-suicide song “Bullet Through Your Head.” It’s a melodic song that toes the line between metal and hard rock, with an appropriately-shredding guitar solo. The band released a statement about the song:

The anti-suicide lyrical theme is based on Gus Sinaro’s personal hell and struggle with depression throughout the years. Director Jesse Conti (Angel Vivaldi, Freya) does a phenomenal job bringing a relatable visual to Sinaro’s powerful sound and meaningful message.

If you’re at the NAMM trade show this week, you’ll be able to meet Sinaro at the ESP booth. Stop by and say hi and tell him Metal Insider sent you! Keep up with Sinaro and Symphony of Malice via his band’s page or Symphony of Malice’s.