Video premiere: Face Your Maker go through Dark Daze

Posted by on December 6, 2016


While Southern California deathcore band Face Your Maker have made a name for themselves since 2012 with two EPstheir debut full length, and first for Siege Music, was released on November 18th. Ego Death combines traditional deathcore with modern metallic production, and today, we’re proud to bring you the premiere of their video for “Dark Daze.” Here’s what the band says about the track:

Dark Daze is the cracking point of the album, where the freight train derails and captivates the relentless punishment we thrive to deliver. Jump into our sick and twisted minds and read the lyrics to awaken your senses of to this lethal nightmare.  “Stare in the shadow of the one that they call the reaper.  The one that will take you with the smile on his face.”We are excited for our first album to get out into the word and into metal listeners ears. And then I’m on to the next……

Ego Death is out now on Siege Music and can be ordered here.



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