Video premiere: Dog Fashion Disco’s ‘Tastes So Sweet’

Posted by on August 14, 2014


It had been eight years since Dog Fashion Disco released an album, which was remedied last month with the release of Sweet Nothings. Today, we’re proud to bring you the premiere of the Maryland band’s “Tastes So Sweet” video. If you remember them from their first go-round, you’ll find the upbeat, fun song a return to the band’s Mr Bungle-worshiping roots. Singer Todd Smith describes the song and video by saying “the song is about a dysfunctional relationship and with the video we were going for a rat pack Vegas vibe.”

Rick Peters, who directed, wrote and edited the video, spoke a bit more about it:

“When the band hired me for the video I asked Todd “What was the vibe you were going for?”, and Todd said “Rat Pack”.  So I sat down and wrote out the first draft of the treatment based off that. The idea to get that was by recreating old Vegas in our own backyard, in addition to infusing the video with a pop culture reference like Buddy Christ. I wanted to capture that sweet spot of old Vegas cool mixed in with comical overtones.

The biggest influence for me was the original Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis. One scene in particular was the entrance scene Lewis has after the first transformation and walking into the club. It captures perfectly that tone of what I wanted for this video. Then of course we had the obvious references to Reservoir Dogs, the zoom in camera intro shots of the patrons ala Three’s Company, and of course the dance line at the end. I was able to use that first draft and those references to fully flesh out the final treatment. With music video it’s a lot easier to get away with pulling ideas off those moments from other movies or TV when you’re headed down a road of doing so tongue in cheek, or in this case mouth to ass (will make more sense after the video is watched). Finally after two months of prep, with the help of their fans who did an excellent job as extras, my band mate Tommy Sickles building the craps table and partitions for the horn players, and the use of The Gold Club in Baltimore we were able to pull this off.”

The band’s seventh album, Sweet Nothings, was released last month on Rotten Records. You can pick it up here.

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