Video: Megadeth Release Good Video For Bad Song

Posted by on July 3, 2013

Despite the buzz about Megadeth’s 14th album, Supercollider, it’s actually a pretty solid album. (check out “The Blackest Crow” for an interesting left turn). Releasing the title track as the first single probably threw a lot of people off the rest of the album. The poppiest song they’ve released since their pandering album Risk, “Supercollider” is definitely the weakest song on an otherwise pretty-good album.

Now the band have released a video for the song via Vevo. It’s a pretty simple narrative: boy meets girl in chemistry class, he makes a rocket, dad breaks rocket and takes her away, then they meet up at the high school reunion 10 years later and pick up where they left off. Pretty fun easter egg in the video that the high school is “Elysian Fields” High School. And it’s a nicely-shot video as well. Check it out below.

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