If it seems like only yesterday we were raving about The Dillinger Escape Plan’s live show, that was actually earlier today. And if you were in attendance at the GWAR B-Q this past weekend, you got a chance to witness a once in a lifetime show. Granted, it might not have been everything fans expected. Singer Greg Puciato’s flight was cancelled, and as the only Los Angeles-based member of the band, the rest of the band showed up. They could have cancelled, but instead, they got Bruce Lamont (one of our top five saxes in metal) to fill in on baritone sax for some of the set. “But wait,” you might be thinking, “there isn’t sax in The Dillinger Escape Plan’s music.” No, but Lamont skronking over their music actually made sense. Here’s video of them playing “Milk Lizard.”

That wasn’t it, though. Local singer Dylan Lawson, of Richmond bands Asylum, Dismantle the Architect and Gage Asylum wrote “Let me do a song with you, I know them all” on the back of his ticket and held it up. The band let him up to sing, although security initially tried to hold him back, and he sang “When I Lost My Bet” and “Sunshine the Werewolf” with the band. He did indeed know all of the words and did an admirable job of channeling Puciato. In fact, Lawson even had a Go-Pro strapped to his head before taking over for the band. There’s not a ton of footage, since once he starts, the camera is at least partially neglected, but it’s still pretty awesome to watch. We’ll have a full GWAR B-Q report from on-location courtesy of Nick DeSimone coming soon.

[Thanks Kenny R.]