Video: Devin Townsend Performs Strapping Young Lad Material For First Time In Years

Posted by on October 29, 2012


Devin Townsend promised that The Retinal Circus, which took place this past weekend in London and aired on PPV, was going to be the ultimate and most theatrical retrospective event of his career. And Hevy Devy kept true to his word, as he not only performed Strapping Young Lad songs, but was also joined onstage by guitarist Jed Simon.

After teasing fans that there was no way he’d perform SYL, Townsend (joined by Simon) ripped into “Detox” followed by “Love?” Shortly after the performance, Simon shared the following via Facebook:

“Well, all done and the cat is out of the bag. It was an awesome experience and my heart feels that much better because of it. You are my brother and my friend, Dev. Thank you … Byron [Stroud] and Gene [Hoglan]…you were on my sleeve, my brothers. I love you.”

Die-hard fans know how vocal Townsend has been about leaving Strapping Young Lad behind, saying “I don’t miss the environment; the environment was really bad for me — it wasn’t a healthy place for me to live emotionally or chemically.” So to say the very least, hearing/seeing Townsend perform Strapping Young Lad (let alone with at least one of his former members) is pretty special.

Fan filmed footage of the performance has already made its way online. However, considering that the event was streamed live on PPV and filmed for future DVD release, it’s not surprising that videos are being taken down pretty fast. So while you still have a chance, watch Hevy Devy perform “Detox” in the clip above, and “Love?” after the jump.


[via Blabbermouth]

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