Allow us to introduce you to Lavalette. Who is Lavalette, you might ask? Apparently, it’s a bunch of  hardcore dudes that decided punk and hardcore weren’t paying the bills, so they went pop by recruiting a female singer. That in and of itself is understandable – there’s nothing inherently wrong in selling out, aside from it going against the everything the hardcore ethos stands for. However, when the act’s first single is an autotuned cover of the Cro Mags’ classic “Malfunction,” it’s basically giving the finger to NYHC. Aside from frontwoman Rebecca Haviland, the band also consists of  guitarist Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Crown of Thornz) and bassist Larry Susi (Subzero, Breakdown), with drums from Johnny Cragg (Spacehog) and Lou Medina (All Out War).

You know when you see someone like Avril Lavigne wearing a Sex Pistols shirt or Kristen Stewart wearing a shirt inspired by Immortal and realize they just don’t get it? That’s basically this. Like a lot. However, Cro Mags singer John Joseph is on board with the cover, saying “When I heard that Lavalette covered our song “Malfunction,” I was intrigued. When i heard it, I thought it was brilliant. The video is great and the way they re-did it made it catchy as hell. Great band live too. Mad props!” Sorry Lavalette and John Joseph, we’d rather go back 25 years to the original version, taken from Cro Mags’ 1986 classic, The Age of Quarrel, which you can check out after the jump.