Video: Behemoth In Rehearsing Mode

Posted by on July 6, 2011


Now that Adam “Nergal” Darski has kicked leukemia’s ass, he’s keeping himself pretty busy. In addition to appearing in court to defend his bible tearing actions and allegedly signing a contract to become a judge on the Polish edition of The Voice, Nergal has been rehearsing with his Behemoth band mates in preparation for their upcoming shows.

The band has already posted pictures of their first rehearsal since Nergal was diagnosed. Just in case you were afraid that Nergal’s other plans might get in the way, though, Behemoth have posted a video of them rehearsing the song “Lucifer.” As for how the rehearsals have been going, Nergal gave the following update:

“It’s been two weeks since we began rehearsing for tour. Things are going very smoothly and the chemistry is definitely back! We feel very much refreshed. But what excites me the most is the fact that we’ve already started jamming out a NEW song. Crazy, ain’t it? I’m super-stoked. It sounds so fuckin’ sinister, I can’t even describe it… Fast, furious, but more evil in a way. Stay tuned, more info will follow!”

It’s great to see Nergal playing again, and even more exciting to hear that Behemoth is working on new music already. You can watch video the band posted online from the rehearsals up top.

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