Unlocking the Truth take control with first single from album

Posted by on April 27, 2016

unlockingthetruthtakecontrolvid_638Unlocking the Truth have come a long way since three years ago when they were busking on the street in New York. Looking at the start and end points – from  Times Square subway stations to their debut album Chaos coming out in June, only tells a little  bit of the story though. The three teens were famously signed to Sony in a deal that the media breathlessly reported was worth $1.8 million. However, they would have had to sell hundreds of thousands of albums for that to happen, and instead, they sued to get off of the label. A documentary about their rags to not-quite-riches debuted at SXSW last year, Breaking a Monster.

Now, with the Johnny K-produced album coming out, the band have made their first video, for a song called “Take Control.” While it’s presumably about their major label struggle, , drummer Jarad Dawkins says it’s about being bullied at school:

“I remember when I used to be bullied in school for the music that I love to play, the jeans that I love to wear. I always told myself that everything is going to be alright. You are going to take control of the world one day.”

Chaos will be released on June 17th on Tunecore. Check the track listing after the video.


01. Chaos
02. Monster
03. A Tide
04. Help Me
05. Other Side
06. Numbing
07. Made Of Stone
08. Ravens
09. Escape
11. Take Control


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