If there’s one thing we’ve learned from metal late night comedy show Two Minutes To Late Night, it’s that it should totally be a full time metal late night comedy show. I mean, I’d quit my job tomorrow to write for it, and if they keep up the quality that they’ve had so far, it’d be a must-watch. The 22-minute pilot from earlier this year was sublime, and they also enlisted Mutoid Man to play “She’s A Lady” on a subway and did carpool karaoke at the Riot Fest.

For their latest installment, which they’ve deemed “Open Up This Mic,” they had a handful of stand-up comedians test out some material – at Saint Vitus Bar while Skeletonwitch was playing. “This has been a disaster,” host Gwarsenio Hall says, and he’s partially right, but it’s still funny to watch the comics dodge moshers while throwing out some jokes.  We’re sure Skeletonwitch was in on it, but they don’t let on if they were. The comedians are as follows: 

 Joon Chung (Fusion comedy)
Daniel Perafan (Rock ‘N’ Roast)
Lucie Steiner (HBO, Punisher ’66)
Chris Donahue (Panic Attack Comedy)
Tim Duffy (Comedy Central)
Katie Rose Leon (Bridgetown Comedy Festival)
James Folta (The New Yorker)

[via Metal Injection]