Two girls, one harp: Harp Twins cover Metallica

Posted by on September 1, 2015


There’s something slightly disturbing about the Harp Twins, the striking blondes who do ethereal covers of metal songs on harp. For their latest, Camille and Kennerly cover Metallica’s “One.” Perhaps because of the song title, they use just one harp. As a twin, you have to learn to share, so perhaps that’s the reason. It’s awesome to watch though, as one of the blondes kicks the harp barefoot and the other slaps it to give it a Rodrigo y Gabriela-like percussive vibe. We’re sure when Metallica wrote this, they didn’t envision it being covered so well on harp. It ends with them knocking the solo out of the park. Who knew you could shred on a harp?

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