Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto was recently on The Metal Teddy Bear Experience Podcast and was asked about re-recording the band’s debut album Ember to Inferno for it’s 20th anniversary (which is only 3 years away!) The bassist explained that the band probably won’t fully re-record the album but might be willing to re-record certain tracks.

“Yeah, it’s kind of tricky… to go in and fully re-record an album because that wasn’t a Roadrunner Record. So I’m not sure Roadrunner would be super stoked to be like, ‘Oh we’re gonna spend a lot of money to re-record this record that we don’t have anything to do with.’

But I could always see us doing maybe another recording of one of the songs because we did– I don’t know if you remember that thing with Chapman Studios we did around “In Waves.” We did ‘Ember to Inferno’ on that and that’s actually a really great version of that song. It is technically live but it is recorded. And we did “Pillars” [Pillars of Serpents]. So maybe we’ll pick another song at some point to do something with, whether it’s a re-record or a live version.

I kinda see us doing it in bits and pieces, as opposed to like a full re-record because, at most, I could see us recording maybe a song or two. But a full album and a release? Because we did that special edition [Ab Initio] where we released it with all the bonus DVDs or demos. So we’ll see when we get there.

Paolo also talked about the 2017 re-recorded version of “Pillars of Serpents” and how it helped fans rediscover Ember to Inferno. 

I think it would just have to make sense. You know, what’s cool about redoing those songs is it kind of gives the record a little bit of new life. I feel like “Ember to Inferno” got really popular after we did that Chapman thing because so many people didn’t really know much about that record or that song. And the same thing with “Pillars”. Longtime fans knew that, but when we put it out, a lot of people thought it was just a brand new song. It was kind of cool to be able to reintroduce it.”

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Check out the whole episode with Paolo below!